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Gerd / Acid Reflux

GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) occurs when the stomach contents as acid, food or, in some cases, bile go into the esophagus. GERD can be attributed to many reasons e.g. hiatal hernia, obesity

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Additional Facts

GERD can present with typical symptoms e.g. heartburn, difficulty swallowing, bloating, abdominal pain or atypical symptoms e.g. chronic cough, asthma, chest infection, frequent throat clearing, hoarseness of voice, shortness of breath

GERD is a common problem that is frequently mistaken for functional heartburn. Treating GERD symptoms using medications without identifying the cause of GERD might cause progression of the disease, even when the symptoms are masked by medications

One of the most serious GERD complications is Barrett esophagus which is a precancerous lesion that can occur in the esophagus from chronic acid reflux, also known as Goblet cell metaplasia

If you are placed on long term medications to control acid reflux without knowing the exact cause of your symptoms then this is concerning as many anti-reflux medications can cause serious side effects when used for long term, also you need to know exactly what you are treating with the medications (what is causing GERD)

We do thorough workup to diagnose the exact casue of GERD, workup generally includes upper endoscopy (EGD), PH monitoring (BRAVO capsule), Barium swallow and esophageal motility study. Diagnosing the root of the problem can help achieve a curative treatment of GERD rather than staying on medications forever.

When indicated, we repair the hiatal hernia using Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Approach. This surgery usually involves reducing the stomach from the chest to the abdomen and performing a stomach wrap around the esophagus. Different typesof wrap include Nissen fundoplication (360 degree wrap), Toupet fundoplication (posterior 270 degree wrap) and Dor fundoplication (anterior 180 degree wrap)

It is important to understand that heartburn and difficulty swallowing can also occur 2ry to many reasons, for example, achalasia. While GERD occurs because of a weak sphincter between the esophagus and stomach, achalasia is characterized by a strong sphincter that does not relax when the food is trying to pass from the esophagus to the stomach. The word "achalasia" means failure to relax. This condition can be treated by medications, neurotoxin (e.g. Botox) injection, balloon dilation or surgery (Heller myotomy)

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I have been seeing Dr. Akkary since 2014. The first day I was given his cell number...that has NEVER happened before at any other doctor's office. He is genuine and compassionate and really only wants to help you succeed. I have called him so many times and he has ALWAYS answered my questions. He has performed 2 surgeries on me and I wouldn't go anywhere else! I trust him and his staff completely. They will listen to all of your concerns and explain everything completely!

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If you are looking for a doctor who will listen to you and explain what & why he’s going to do something, you have found him. He has the added benefit of a wonderful bedside manner minus the arrogance found in doctors ( just because they are doctors, you have met a few if you’re reading this I’m sure). In all he’s a wonderful person who if you’re lucky enough to find him, give him a call. You will have an amazing doctor who is there for you without dodging your call’s no matter how silly you think the question or thought may be ( this isn’t a paid ad I promise, you have his cellphone number incase of anything no matter the time. Sorry, but I’ve never been able to reach a doctor 24-7 without going through a answering service and even then how many times do you get to talk to them? Not many from my experience and I’ve seen more doctors than I care to think about.) he’s always able to answer it or calm your pre surgery nerves. He’s great if you’re looking for anything in his specialty and if I could, he’d be my doctor for everything, but he’s only one person so I will settle for his specific fields.

My acid reflux and GERD was curable

I never imagined that my acid reflux and GERD was curable. I truly never imagined the life changing results that something called a Nissan Fundoplication would bring to my life thanks to the skilled hands of Dr. Ehab Akkary! Thank you Doc!

-Newman Pauley, Google

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Dr. Akkary is a skilled and caring surgeon who puts patient safety and great results as his highest priorities. Not only has he been highly trained, he continues to expand and refine his knowledge and skills with continuing training. I refer patients to Dr. Akkary knowing that they will receive the best of care. I give Dr. Akkary my highest level of recommendation!

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