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Lap Band

Lap Band involves placing an adjustable silicone band around the upper part of the stomach aiming at inducing satiety.

Lapband Before and After, Akkary Surgery Center, Morgantown, WV

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Additional Facts

Who is a good candidate for Lap Band?

Bariatric surgery might be considered for patients with Body Mass Index (BMI) of 35 kg/m2 and above with obesity related disorders (e.g. high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, etc) or 40 kg/m2 and above with or without obesity related disorders. In 2011, the FDA approved the use of the Lap band device for lower BMI.

Know your Body Mass Index (BMI): BMI Calculator

What are Lap Band contraindications?

Contraindications include:

  • High anesthesia risk e.g. severe heart or lung disease
  • High bleeding risk e.g. liver cirrhosis
  • Pregnancy
  • Active inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract e.g. Crohns disease.
  • Non compliance with behavioral modifications
  • Active infection
  • Active drug or alcohol abuse
  • uncontrolled psychiatric disorder

Note: A contraindication is a condition or factor that serves as a reason to withhold a certain medical treatment due to the harm that it would cause the patient.

How is this procedure performed?

The procedure is done via minimally invasive approach using small laparoscopic incisions (usually 4 or 5), An adjustable silicone band is placed around the stomach and secured in place. The band is connected to a catheter which in turn is connected to a port that is placed in the abdominal wall allowing access the band system to add or remove fluid in a simple office procedure.

In selective cases, the surgery can be done through one small incision only (hidden in the umbilicus), this is known as SILS (Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery), this approach provides superior cosmetic results.

How long does the effect last?

Maintaining the weight off requires patient's compliance with healthy eating and exercise habits.

What should I expect during recovery?

Hospital stay is usually 1 day or less. Nausea and bloating are not uncommon and are usually easily controlled with medications. After the surgery, you will be on liquid diet for 2 weeks. Activity is gradually increased as healing progresses.

Where is the scar?

  • The small scars are located in the upper abdomen.
  • If SILS approach is used, then there is only one small scar hidden inside the belly button

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I have had the best experience with Dr. Akkary and his staff. They have always made me feel welcomed and heard. Dr. Akkary has helped me take my life back and I can’t thank him enough for that. Anytime I have ever had an issue they have not hesitated to get me in to be checked or to the hospital to have testing done. If you are struggling to lose weight and need help to take control of your life again I highly recommend Akkary Surgery Center!!!

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I am a Clinical Psychologist who consults with many physicians in Morgantown and area. I have interviewed dozens of Dr. Akkary's patients before and after bariatric surgery. Their satisfaction with him and his staff is amazing. Patients feel like he has changed their lives and he follows up with them for years. He even gives them his personal cell phone number for 24/7 contact after the surgeries. If my family or I needed surgery within his scope, he would be our surgeon.

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